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Volunteer With Us

Do you have a desire to serve the Kingdom and at the same time practice your English? We have a Volunteer program for people above 18 years old, with an intermediate to advanced level of English, who have the desire to serve the Kingdom, volunteer and serve in a Christian community in London! (We now also have placement opportunities in Gibraltar*).

The main task will be volunteering in one of our central London cafes (Camden or Soho). The cafes (called The Living Room) work as a hub for various outreach projects, (we call them 'Flow Projects') and also as a business itself (the cafes open normal times and serves people from the various projects as well as people coming from outside, serving mainly coffees, cakes and prepared meals). During the volunteering period, you will also be able to serve and help in our various projects, all focused in outreach. Because of this various reasons, your English would need to be at least intermediate, in order to communicate with customers, amongst people from your team and also international people that come from all parts of the world.


*Gibraltar is a peninsula in the south of Spain that belongs to the United Kingdom. The official languages of Gibraltar are English and Spanish, and Llanito, which is a mixture of both. Gibraltar is a multicultural area as it is right next to Spain and Morroco – the perfect place to those who are seeking to do mission!


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