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Overseas Workers

Many members of the Love Beyond network are overseas in locations across the world. We support them and channel their energy and vision to bring life to our work in the UK and abroad. If you are working for the Kingdom overseas, we would love you to join us.

We all have different needs and preferences depending on many different factors. Some of us on the field appreciate visitors, others don’t. Some of us want people to track closely with them pastorally, others are cared for in other ways. Rather than creating a ‘one size fits all’ approach for our overseas workers we’d like to hear how you would like Love Beyond to serve you and what you’d be able to offer others.

With that in mind we ask our overseas partners to create a brief Memo of Understanding (MOU) which defines how we can help and support each other.

If you are interested to explore further, please read our Overseas brochure and download the MOU template. Both can be accessed via the links on this page.

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