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About Us

Love Beyond started when three church leaders began to study together. They addressed issues of shared concern, and put into practice the best of what they learned. Today around 100 people are sharing a distinctive pattern of ministry.

Our members fall broadly into three categories. Some are senior leaders in church ministry. Some are leading and working in teams overseas. Others are trainees who have come to value the opportunity of working in our context. All are full or part time workers with a passion for ministry that is distinct from modern Western culture, yet engages with it thoughtfully.



Although we have members worldwide, we operate out of the UK. Our primary base is in London, and we also have a growing cluster of members in the North of England

Our Calendar

Network Days

First Thursday of the month (London)

First Tuesday of the month (North)

Monthly mini-conference on some area of Christian Leadership, with the goal of improving our practice and developing understanding. We share news and pray too.

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Leaders Conference

Every July

Summer conference over two days - giving us more time to consider leadership issues. Many of our overseas partners also attend this event.

Image by Chris Lawton

Every July

Global Fair

A summer fair with a twist, in which we celebrate the work of our overseas workers and raise funds for them. Games, stalls, music, food and fun for all ages!

Beyond Festival

Spring Bank Holiday Weekend

Annual arts, spirituality and wellbeing festival which draws together all network members and their congregations. Also ideal for the 'unchurched' who we seek to bless.

The 72

Every July

A new summer mission week set to kick off in 2020. 

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