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Beyond Training

BEYOND TRAINING is an open-ended training opportunity for those who know they are called to full-time Christian work. Jesus invited his disciples to join him in a process of spiritual formation within the context of his own life. It was a community, on the job training, theology, study group, outreach, a forum for questions, and a safe place to fail. Beyond Training is an attempt to mirror that experience.

Wherever believers seek to follow Jesus together they are the body of Christ and the mind of Christ; yet each one is different. We offer a unique opportunity for spiritual formation within the life of Christ as it is currently expressed within a particular community of ministry. As we follow Christ, we are being developed ourselves. When you join the community, you become part of the story.

Course Concepts

The programme is based on three important concepts: tradition, craft and apprenticeship.


The Church is the place which seeks to answer what it means to be faithful to Christ in the current context. Strong and growing traditions develop increasingly effective answers to that question, and we want to equip leaders in this process.

The craft of leadership is learned from others and through experience. Being an apprentice to an experienced leader allows everyone involved to grow in their ability to learn, reflect and develop as leaders. Beyond Training is a community of ministry and mission where each member (apprentice, new leader or old hand) is encouraged to learn from and equip those around us, in doing so growing and renewing the tradition in the contexts we find ourselves.


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