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New branding and website for Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace Community Church have a new website - underpinned by a fresh new brand identity. Both have been developed by And Beyond Studio, the media wing of Love Beyond.

Clean and fresh - the logo type has a simple, modern feel and is complemented by a distinctive pictorial marque. Represented centrally is a famous local landmark: the TV transmitter which has served most of the London area for over 60 years. Here it symbolises the church as a beacon of hope - sharing God's love far and wide from its (literal) hilltop position. Birds soar past which are suggestive of the peace and freedom we find in Christ.

The website - straightforward and navigable - is in many ways our vision of the ideal church website. It is a pared down affair (an acknowledgement that today's web visitors rarely read more than a few lines on any given site) and the information is laid out methodically and thoughtfully.

The homepage is effective in several key areas:

  • Visitors are supplied with key meeting information from the off - without the need for scrolling or clicking

  • A clear visual connection is made with the local area and/or church, using carefully selected photography

  • A strong, personal invitation is offered, which cuts through much of the impersonal content found online

  • Key affiliations (eg Evangelical Alliance) are displayed early on, offering some immediate reassurance as to the type and quality of the church

  • The site is given an approachable and authentic feel with the inclusion of photos of real people

Take a look for yourself at – and let us know if your church needs help in this area!

You can email Dan for further information.

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