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Network Days (monthly)

Network Days are usually the first Thursday of the month. They take the form of a mini-conference on some area of Christian Leadership, with the goal of improving our practice and developing understanding. As a community we care about each other’s projects, and so we give time to hear about the latest developments in the network and pray too. Lunch is provided, and we end at 3pm.

Summer Conference

Our annual two-day conference provides us with more time to consider leadership issues. We also welcome many of our overseas partners to this event.

Church Restarts

From time to time our members have taken the opportunity to restart a congregation that has become quite small. We find the opportunities for training that this gives very valuable. If you are looking for partners to help your congregation grow and are willing to try something new, then please get in touch so we can hear your story.

Beyond Training Programme

We provide a training path for leaders to develop their ministry. We believe that there are many aspects of Christian ministry that correspond to learning a craft. Good leadership disciples, builds the community of faith, and promotes outreach. Yet this all comes at an emotional cost. The inward task of dealing with the strain of leadership must not be forgotten. Growing the necessary spirituality is also a key priority for those within our training programme.

And Beyond Studio

In an age of pop-up shops, QR codes and tweets, it can be difficult to present church as a relevant and competitive option. And Beyond Studio is here to help.

Whether you are a church looking for advice on a logo, or a mission partner hoping to set up a YouTube channel, let us guide you through the process.