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summer 24

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The 72

06 - 11 AUG 24

Five days of teaching in the morning and outreach in the afternoon and evening. The teaching will be based on both stories of 72 - Numbers 11 and Luke 10. We'll think about mission in a digital era where loneliness and social fragmentation coexist with hyperconnectivity.

Teams of six will go to designated locations to join in on some planned events and activities. The last day is Sunday - an opportunity to go to the churches you have served!

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International outreach

13 - 17 AUG 24

An opportunity to serve internationals living in London by working alongside them improving their English. Mornings will be conversation and questions around everyday situations. In the afternoons we'll have guided walks and trips around the area. Evenings will give you the chance to socialise more and hang out with friends.

Walk&talk square.jpg

& Talk

20 - 24 AUG 24

Walking together is the perfect space for in-depth conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. Join us as we explore some of the big issues of life with members of our community. In the mornings, we will gather in one of our spaces for workshops around living life well; the afternoons will be spent in stretching walks together exploring many of the green spaces of London, providing many opportunities to connect deeply with fellow walkers!

Artscape Square.jpg


27 - 31 AUG 24

Five days based in central London's West End creating, thinking, sharing, reaching out and creating together. In the mornings we'll look into the scriptures, and learn how the visual arts are a portal into people's world-views and spirits.

In the afternoons we'll be with people who are part of our creative network and members of our year-round art events visiting galleries and creating together.

Come and join the creative vortex!

Gibraltar Square.jpg


03 - 09 SEP 24

Arriving in Gibraltar Mon 2nd September, we'll spend five days in prayer, teaching and mission. We'll visit The Rock Church in Gibraltar on  Sunday 8th, and return the following day. Love Beyond has had a partnership with the church there for many years, and we would like to send a permanent team again. Come and join in with us as we ask God to make it a reality. We will stay at an Airbnb property that belongs to one of our team members.

Glocalise Square.jpg


10 - 14 SEP 24

There's numerous Cousin UPGs in London. We'll introduce our approach to working with them, learned from decades living overseas. We'll focus on newly arrived UPGs, we'll learn about their home countries and the reasons for their leaving. We'll work with them in various classes, all designed to help them aclimatise and thrive in their new locations.We will also meet others nearby working among Cousin diaspora groups, hear their stories and assimilate the learnings
into our practice.

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